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Woman in deep meditation and self-reflection, breathing deeply, visualizing a new story

My Story

A little over a decade ago, I found myself at the end of a long partnership while at the same time, suddenly in the midst of a serious personal health scare. On top of this, I had already been battling chronic neck pain, trying every medical treatment and drug with no real success or relief— and eventually leaving me with the added challenge of an opioid addiction.


I was overwhelmed and I realized I had no stress management tools.

I knew that if I wanted to feel better each day and live with purpose, I’d need to change my lifestyle to include tools for anxiety reduction and mindful ways to reconnect to my higher self.


It was during this time that I was guided to the practice of yoga and meditation. I gradually built up my daily practices and studies before attending my first teacher training. It wasn’t long until I started to sense changes in both my physical and mental states and it became evident that the health of my mind/body/spirit was quickly improving. As I started feeling better and regaining my personal power, I became fascinated with the brain and the power of thought and intention to heal ourselves.

Being scientific-minded, I went back to school to study neurobiology and psychology in-depth. My future plan was drawn up, or so I thought. I would finish my Bachelor of Science then segue into a program at Stanford to study the neural correlates of compassion, fear, and intuition as they related to modern social behavior. Right around the time I finished my degree and was seeking out internships, I met my yoga teacher, a world-renowned teacher of self-knowledge through yoga— Sri Dharma Mittra. He imparted the importance of developing a strong intuition to guide one’s path and the daily practice of genuine compassion. Both of these were synchronously in-line with my scientific enthusiasm and I ended up on a new and exciting path, as a student and teacher of the science of yoga. 


After many years of practice, additional study, investigation and daily integration, I’ve learned to weave this knowledge into my everyday life. It’s made a world of difference. 

I’ve learned how to better access and then follow my gut feelings and inner guidance, and how to continually create my own health through yoga, meditation, mindfulness and daily self-reflection.


I feel grateful that I get to help guide other people in their quest for healing and a bigger sense of connection in their lives. It gives me absolute joy to share these methods with others and watch them thrive as they rediscover and learn to trust their own innate power to reshape their lives and transform their experience beyond what they thought was possible.

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