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About this Course

Yoga Nidra is the science of using 'psychic sleep' (a unique state of consciousness between wake & sleep) to implement real shifts in the health of the body, mind, spirit and personality while the practitioner is guided into a profound state of deep relaxation & re-connection. In this course we'll cover: ❂ History, Philosophy & Methodology ❂ Nervous system/ brain states ❂ Scientifically proven benefits ❂ Preparation and atmosphere ❂ Essential steps of entering yogic sleep ❂ Creating and writing your own sessions ❂ Curating your voice, tone, pacing and environment What You’ll Get: ▫ Lifetime access to online course & learning community with a growing body of content ▫ Live online Mastermind Workshop and 1-on-1 Mentorship from Jessica ▫ PDF Manual with live exploration links to extra practices and additional research; plus suggested reading for reflection & discussion ▫ Variety of full length guided audio practices (traditional, experimental/ therapeutic, corporate/ seated, kids) ▫ On demand lectures ▫ Easy to use Yoga Nidra scripts for guiding others, making recordings, and inspiring your own unique classes ▫ Dedicated Yoga Nidra student group for questions, reflections, deeper self-inquiry, as well as teaching practice & feedback ▫ Certificate valid for 30 hours of continuing education through Yoga Alliance ▫ The skills to confidently to lead others in various styles and lengths of Yoga Nidra practices in group, private, online or retreat settings

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