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CNTRD online Meditation Teacher Training


A fully On Demand interdisciplinary program for people on a mission to help heal themselves, their communities, and the world one breath at a time.




You Feel Called To Serve 

You're a teacher, therapist, coach, or healer who wants to bring meditation and healing to your community.

Jessica Crow is the program director and lead instructor for the CNTRD Meditation Teacher Training and Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

You Believe In The Power Of Meditation And Want To…

Deepen your lifelong practice of self-inquiry and reflection.

Complement your current work with the benefits of meditation.

Support others as they find healing through meditation practices.


Introducing the fully on demand CNTRD Meditation Program

The fully On Demand CNTRD Meditation Teacher Training is an online training for seekers and teachers that includes:

  • Comprehensive PDF manual with 75 pages & live learning links

  • Video and audio practice content

  • A private community for learners and graduates to ask questions and find partners

  • Structured reading, journaling and self-practice assignments divided into 12 parts

The online course format allows you to move through at your own pace— earning your certificate of completion any time within 12 months.

The Curriculum


The History of Meditation: Across Time & Cultures

The Scientific Research: Benefits of Meditating

Mindfulness Meditation Techniques and Theory

Developing Your Own Practice and Diving Deeper

Pranayama, Breathwork & Posture and their Relationship to Meditation Practice

Meditation in Yoga, Psychology, and Complementary Techniques

Leading Others, Creating Meditations & Teacher Ethics

Meditation Is An Ancient Practice


The more mainstream meditation becomes, the more challenging it is to tell fact from fad. You want the most up-to-date, evidence-based information, from a variety of disciplines, in an immersive environment.

The CNTRD Meditation Teacher Training is online and worldwide so it includes a diverse community and interdisciplinary perspectives and teachings


Empower yourself with a diverse mix of philosophies so that instead of using one-size-fits-all meditation you can meet each person in your community where they are. 

The CNTRD Meditation Teacher Training is an immersive and thorough program that will ready participants to lead others in meditation classes, retreats and workshops around the world


Committing to an intensive course helps you dig into the material. Leverage the power of community, accountability, and full immersion. 


Cut through the noise with an expertly curated curriculum. Navigate the history, psychology, science, and applications of meditation with confidence and ease.

You Could... 

Continue piecemealing your meditation knowledge together through unreliable Google searches, one-off meditation workshops, and misleading social media posts.

But you have no time to waste. 

Your community needs you NOW.

"Jessica is an incredible force. Working with her is a life-changing experience. Find her, love her, and learn."

CNTRD Meditation Teacher Training helps you become a confident meditation guide

This training may be right for you if you're seeking...

A strong self-practice to create more space, breath, and calm in your own life... so you can show up as your best self in your life and work.

A toolkit of evidence-based resources... so you can skillfully guide others on their healing path.

A solid foundation in meditation history, principles, and modern application... so you can feel empowered to confidently lead others on their meditation journey.

Your Instructor


I'm a wellness instructor with over 20 years of experience living and teaching Mindfulness, Yoga, Guided Meditation, Breathwork, and Massage Therapy.

I've been lucky enough to travel the world to lead others in meditation and mindfulness practices and have studied techniques and theories from diverse lineages and cultures. I earned a degree from The State University of New York in Human Biology & Behavioral Neuroscience and since have led hundreds of private and public mindfulness classes. and have studied intensively with and helped train hundreds of instructors in teacher trainings with renowned experts like Dharma Yoga’s Sri Dharma Mittra.


Check out my recent courses  'Becoming the Guide: 3 Essentials of Teaching Meditation' on Insight Timer and 'Meditations to Unravel Old Patterns and Reshape Your Brain' on DailyOM. My book, “The Power of Guided Meditation: Simple Practices to Promote Wellbeing” is part of the course curriculum.

Author and Meditation Teacher Jessica Crow with her Book The Power of Guided Meditation



Virtual Training that's both 100% On-Demand

This Training Is Different.

Everyone learns differently, and the value of LIVE instruction and LIVE

1-on-1 personalized mentorship is emphasized in this 100-hour training.

In our online classes, workshops and private coaching calls, you can ask questions in real time, learn from the perspectives of your peers, and get motivated to strengthen your practice and deepen your knowledge. The live virtual sessions are optional but strongly recommended, and will give you a chance to practice leading others and receive feedback in real-time. 


Weekly Meditation Class Series

Attend live online 30 minute meditation sessions to immerse you deeper in the practice. Sign up for replay videos so you can revisit the information later if you miss a class. These classes are following a class series structure with one theme for 6-8 weeks at a time. See class themes and sign up to take a free class now here.


Saturdays at 11am ET

Virtual Group Masterminds

Our live group workshops will take place on Saturdays for 1 to 2 hours (depending on student requests & inquiries). There are opportunities for lecture and discussion, personalized Q & A, real-time teaching practice & feedback, direct coaching, assessment and community building. Sign up in advance and submit questions and topics you'd like to dive into.

First Saturday of each month at 12pm ET

Personal Mentorship

Your instructor, Jessica Crow, will guide you in your learning process, and be there for you every step of the way. She'll help you connect the various disciplines in an accessible way so that you can create meditations using collective elements. And she'll get to know you and your goals so that the content can be delivered in a way that appeals to your needs, learning style, previous experience and background. 


You’ll receive a structured learning experience with real-world applications so you can develop your own daily practice and integrate meditation principles into your work, home, relationships, and daily life. You'll graduate the course prepared to write meditations and create workshop and classes that truly touch your audience through the power of your voice and presence.

Live 1-on-1 mentorship calls with Jessica help you stay accountable to your self practice, refine your focus and create strategies to overcome personal obstacles to teaching, and get guidance and ideas for building a rewarding meditation business.

Be In Community

Ample opportunities to practice and hone your craft with Jessica and classmates and graduates.

Individualized feedback as you lead guided meditations so you feel confident and experienced.

An ever- expanding support system of dedicated peers at all levels of the training

Lifetime access to our virtual Meditation Teacher Training private community on Facebook.

Job placement/ assistance for competent graduates for online teaching opportunities

Tools & Resources

A private virtual community where you can ask questions, get feedback. share practices, and find updated research and business inspiration

The Power of Guided Meditation video Course is included in your membership ($349 value)

The 50 Essential Meditation Scripts 

bundle for teaching and writing inspiration

Exclusive guided meditation recordings and practices to help you maintain your self-practice outside of our sessions.

An extensive reading list & PDF manual with live discovery links for continued learning and development.

(2) 30-min private 1-on-1 mentoring sessions additional coaching available at discounted rate is extended to all Meditation Teacher Trainees during the training and for1 year after completion.

You walk away with…

So much more than a certification. 

You will leave this training with a strong self-practice that fits your lifestyle.

A toolkit of meditation techniques so you can artfully serve your community.

 The confidence to create & lead private and public classes skillfully and with compassion.

CNTRD Meditation Classes

My mission is to:

Empower the next generation of mindfulness leaders.

Demystify the journey to make meditation practices accessible and approachable for all.

Do my small part to help heal the world through these life-giving methods.

"Jessica Crow is knowledgeable and has many years of teaching experience. Teaching is not just a job for her, but a passion. She will be able to guide you with kindness and expertise."

$285/ month


$1,710 Total

$533/ month


$1,599 Total



Best Savings



Pay Now

As soon as payment is received your starter kit and Hello email will arrive so you can begin immediately.

"The key to success is to start before you're ready"- Marie Forleo

Not sure yet? Grab a few FREE Meditation Scripts first...

  • Who is the program for?
    Our training programs are open to all who want to deepen their personal meditation or yoga nidra practice, understand where it comes from and how it works, and learn to use it to benefit their own and others' health. Beginners to meditation and yoga nidra and experienced wellness practitioners are welcome and there are no prerequisites besides an open mind and a willingness to learn and keep a consistent personal practice.
  • Does this course provide Continuing Education credits?
    Successful completion of this the 100-hour Meditation Teacher Training awards a certificate which can be used for 100 hours, and completion of the Yoga Nidra Training awards a certificate that can be used for 30 hours of continuing education (for yoga teachers via Yoga Alliance) Your instructor Jessica Crow is a certified Experienced Yoga Teacher (ERYT-500) and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP).
  • Do you offer payment plans or discounts?
    Please use the option for Affirm or Afterpay to create a payment schedule. Limited Partial Scholarships are available throughout the year. If you'd like to apply for a scholarship or you're interested in sponsoring a Teacher Trainee through financial scholarship, please reach out to Jessica via the website chat button.
  • Can I complete this course while working full-time?
    Everyone’s circumstances are different, but I designed this course for working professionals. Your On Demand lessons are always available in your Meditation Teacher Training or Yoga Nidra Training Online Course. You also have access to your audio meditations, PDF manuals, video links and scripts (if included in your training) and private student group. You can move through the materials at your own pace and make sure you absorb and integrate all of the info as you receive the benefits of your own increasing Meditation or Yoga Nidra home practice. Use your 1-on-1 mentorship hours at any point during your training (before receiving your certificate).
  • Is my certificate guaranteed?
    Integrity is highly valued at CNTRD Wellness. While I will do everything in my power to support your journey and help you earn your certificate, it is up to you to do the work by completing the readings, the home practices, the writing and practice of scripts (if taking a teaching path), and attending as many live classes as possible. We hold high standards for our trainees and want to be proud of what they take out into the world and share with others.
  • How do I register?
    Click any Get Started Button and you'll be taken to the online course plan page. You'll be prompted to become a Site Member so that you can easily access your program wherever you left off. You can begin the course on the Training's start date and access all course materials from within your course itself!
  • Why now?
    There is no time like the present! The world needs meditation and mindfulness more than ever, as a global mental health crisis is worsening. Being able to share these tools can make a serious impact on wellbeing, health and happiness in individuals, societies and the global realm.
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