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If you're a yoga teacher, therapist, coach, or wellness practitioner that wants to find their authentic voice, grab this Free mini-course from
the CNTRD Meditation Teacher Training

The Finding Your Authentic Voice audio class will help you:
  • Realize your voice has the power to relax and calm others, and to encourage focus and clarity of mind

  • Gain confidence and start to own the unique vibration of your voice that will inevitably attract the right students and clients

  • Sweeten and enhance the tone and articulation of your voice with vocal exercises and practices for leading others

  • Use your voice as a healing tool that complements your practice and helps you guide meditations and relaxation with ease

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Get 'Finding Your Authentic Voice' audio lesson and the 'Self Compassion' meditation script

Check your email for your download link!

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This course and script are led & written by Jessica Crow, a wellness leader for 20+ years, who's been using her voice to help other heal and transform their lives. She's the founder of the CNTRD Meditation Teacher Training, and Author of 'The Power of Guided Meditation' (Fair Winds Press 2021)

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