Mindful Change Strategies in Spa & Hospitality

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Mindfulness practices can transform the culture of your spa, hotel or resort, re-shaping a team of like-minded, goal-oriented customer experience experts. But how?

When day-to-day company operations are informed by mindfulness, courage and creativity can flourish and a genuine desire to succeed and to feel satisfied informs a new, fiercely innovative workplace energy that is naturally collaborative.

We find that the reflection, patience, and presence of mind that comes with building mindfulness allows true human connection to flourish- be it at the level of a brief guest/ employee interaction or team-building and motivation efforts.

It’s been proven that when employees witness management exploring more mindful ways of structuring time, giving direction and feedback, and finding more moments of genuine happiness within their work- they are automatically motivated to reach for a similar outlook and experience. Focus and attitude can affect an entire room, or an entire company- which is why we seek to facilitate internal growth with equal parts centeredness, motivation, and positive outlook. In these ways, Communication is transformed. So it follows that daily work habits and styles, staff hiring, training and meetings, as well as larger change initiatives, are all positively impacted.

Relational awareness deepens and matures. Customer relations and inter-office collaboration improve drastically. Team members at every organizational level learn to access and draw on their inner resources, which reignites confidence and the desire to excel. Mindfulness awards us the ability to reflect and make decisions based on a broader perspective. Short-term results, ego-based decisions, and emotional reactivity are diminished.

Self-confidence increases because individuals see the results of making better decisions, and realize that wanting the best for their company actually improves how they feel. This encourages them to put more of themselves into the job they do each day which garners better guest reviews and higher gratuities (for tipped employees), both of which improve job satisfaction and help prevent the high levels of employee turnover that are so commonplace in the spa and hospitality industry.

Staying present and engaged also means staff trainings are much more well-received, and higher standards of service can be attained throughout your industry.

Employee wellbeing skyrockets. The air of self-care and wellness that comes with integrating mindfulness into work cultures becomes palpable and sets an example to guests, who are seeking the same feeling of peaceful balance and radiant health for themselves. Subtly, it attracts new hires and prevents excessive turnover*, because employees finally feel nurtured in their work environment. Research on mindfulness boasts drastic reductions in illnesses and sick days, chronic pain and insomnia, and levels of general stress, anxiety and fatigue that can effect the workplace. As you can see, the personal benefits of mindfulness practices filter back into the whole of the work environment.

CNTRD Wellness presents intensive training workshops that cater to all organizational levels: owners and directors, managers and supervisors, customer service specialists and hands-on spa therapists. All of our programs are customized to specifically meet your organization’s needs after a personal consultation, so you can feel confident that our training methods are complementary to your internal growth strategies.

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