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Mastermind Workshop (MTT trainees only)

Live Online Workshop for the CNTRD Meditation Teacher program

Service Description

This bi-monthly live on Zoom workshop will allow us to dive into the finer aspects of meditation practice and meditation teaching. Attendees are encouraged to submit questions and inquiries, as well as general topics they'd like to dive deeper into, *before* the workshop, as these sessions are geared towards the trainees who are in attendance. We may have lectures on philosophy, on creating lessons for your students, on teacher ethics, on defining and marketing your meditation business, and we may practice guiding each other with post-session discussion and mentor feedback. I may also guided you in experiencing different types of meditation styles, mindfulness exercises, and breathwork that are not included in your manuals and on-demand content. This is an essential workshop experience where you get to connect with other teachers and trainees. We come together to share our knowledge and varying perspectives to enrich all of our understandings and deepen the well from which we practice and lead.

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Cancellation Policy

Please contact me if you need to cancel or reschedule. Class fee is typically non-refundable if canceling less than 24 hrs before the class start time, but some exceptions are made. Thank you for understanding.

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New York, NY, USA