Mindfulness meditation techniques, breathing exercises and visualization are combined to create a custom 30-min guided mindfulness session that addresses the needs of your team.  

Our meditation classes combine some of the most effective techniques that can create immediate stress reduction, awareness and focus, as well as better overall health and interoffice team communication.

Resting in deep relaxation, deep reset, yoga nidra
This deep, guided relaxation helps dissolve stress quickly by re-setting the nervous system from stress-mode (fight or flight) to chill mode (rest & reset). Participants attend to instructions while either laying down or seated comfortably. Tension and fatigue in the physical body is released step-by-step, and in turn the mind follows. When the 30-min class is finished the 'browser' of the mind is refreshed, and a deep sense of relaxation and mental acuity results.
Hatha Yoga

Traditional mat yoga based in vinyasa and hatha traditions helps strengthen, lengthen and energize the body and mind while reducing pain and creating deeper awareness and focus (60-min, mat and exercise clothing required).

Desk yoga addresses imbalances from computer posture and repetitive movements by loosening tight muscles and joints, correcting body alignment and reducing stress- all while sitting at your desk (40-min, no special clothing required)


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