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Wellness Just For You 

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"When we can move the body and still the mind, we gain access to the answers that are already inside"

On-going Classes help you reduce stress and feel better fast. Virtual wellness classes range from 30- 60 min in length and include:

Individual memberships allow your in-office, distributed and WFH employees to benefit from wellbeing classes at their convenience, from anywhere. Choose from two plans of 30-min Live, Virtual classes with on-demand class playback.


Learn with Jessica From Anywhere with Personalized Lessons


Traditional mat yoga helps strengthen, lengthen and energize the body and mind while reducing pain and creating deeper awareness and focus. Classes are either 30 or 60-min, mat and exercise clothing required. Desk yoga addresses imbalances from computer posture and repetitive movements by loosening tight muscles and joints, correcting body alignment and reducing stress- all while sitting at your desk. Class is 30-min, no special clothing required.

Therapeutic sessions are customized for your body and current health goals, injury recovery, and more.

Jessica Crow doing a downward dog yoga pose on the roof with New York City skyline

Based on your individual preferences, a 30- min meditation will be created just for you that uses any combination of mindfulness meditation, breathing exercises, guided relaxation nervous system resets and goal visualization.

We lead evidence- informed,  effective techniques that are effective at quickly reducing stress and anxiety, improve sleep, boost energy and physical health, reduce sensations of pain, and much more.

Woman meditating and envisioning at home, happy and content in seated position

This deep, guided relaxation helps dissolve stress quickly by re-setting the nervous system from stress-mode (fight or flight) to chill mode (rest & reset). Just follow the instructions mentally while either laying down or seated comfortably.


Tension and fatigue in the physical body is released step-by-step, and in turn the mind follows. When the 30-min class is finished the 'browser' of the mind is refreshed, and a deep sense of relaxation and mental acuity results.

Young woman in savasana, lying down on the floor, completely relaxed, in a guided meditation for healing

Targeted facial exercises, acupressure, self-massage and meditation focused on the face, jaw, head and neck helps you:​

  • Relieve deep tension in the face, head, jaw and throat that cause neck tightness, jaw pain and headaches

  • Improve circulation/reduce swelling and puffiness- diminishing the appearance of lines and aging

  • Relax by releasing stress, tension and emotional residue causing discomfort in the face and head

This 30- min class can also be booked as a private event for friends and groups.

Woman practicing facial exercises, stretches and neck and jaw release, in a Face Yoga class


Take A Class from Jessica at the Time that Works Best For You

Desk with Laptop and poor ergonomics set-up which leads to back pain and 'Tech Neck'

Taking Control of Tech Neck

This easy to follow video course can give you the tools you need to come back into balance, ease pain, boost your energy, and feel better! 

The time spent hunched over our laptops and devices is steadily increasing as many of us begin to work from home, and teams become distributed and more mobile. Working at computers and using technology unmindfully can cause myriad issues throughout the physical body and mind.
​Learn to use practical, effective tools to correct your posture & relieve pain, while increasing both your energy & focus.


I Work 1:1 with Busy Women Who Are Serious About Bringing Radiant Health & Wellbeing into their Lives.

Jessica Crow, health coach, yoga teacher, meditation and mindfulness instructor and wellness consultant, standing with plants in the sunlight, smiliing

"Self care is both an art and a practice.

I work to guide and support you in finding and implementing the most effective wellbeing methods for your lifestyle and goals so that you can put all your extra energy straight into your transformation."

Are you a busy woman who wants to make wellness a priority, but doesn’t know where to start? I’ve got you. 


With my 20+ years of wellness experience steering our coaching conversations and custom classes, I’ll help you find realistic mindset changes that build on one another and become launching points for important life shifts and lasting positive change.

We start with what’s most important to you, while gradually fine-tuning habits like sleep, exercise, focus and concentration, and communication and explore how to access your passion points, learning and personal expansion, creativity, and intuition.

Pebble Beach

"Jessica is an incredible force. Working with her is a life changing experience. Find her, love her and learn."

What to expect:

  • 60-min virtual Intake Session 

  • 100% Personalized Health & Wellness Blueprint

  • Training in Mindfulness and Confidence-building skills as they relate to specific areas of your life

  • 15-30 min virtual check-ins

  • Customized classes (such as yoga, meditation, self-massage and more) and guided motivation

  • Help creating a realistic framework for your biggest goals

  • A knowledgeable, professional accountability partner

  • On-going assessment and re-adjustment based on physical, mental and emotional responses to particular changes

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