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  • 24Weeks
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About this Course

This interdisciplinary 100 hour training program has been carefully curated to give you a strong foundation in meditation & mindfulness, the practical skills & methods to lead others, and plenty of on-going inspiration. WHAT'S INCLUDED: -Weekly live online meditation classes -Monthly live online mastermind workshops -(2) 30-min private 1-on-1 mentoring sessions gives you individualized feedback to lead others clearly & confidently -A Virtual Meditation Teacher Training community where you can ask questions, get feedback and share practices -The Power of Guided Meditation course and its tools -Package of 50 Essential Meditation Scripts for teaching and inspiration -Exclusive guided meditation video & audio practices to help you maintain your self-practice -An extensive reading list plus a training manual with live links for continued learning and development -Opportunities to practice and hone your craft- including future externship program -Personalized assistance creating a profitable Meditation Business that you love *HEADS-UP If you're not already a Site Member, you'll be prompted to become one before you can purchase this course. This allows you to access your course content at anytime and keep track of your programs & purchases just by logging in to your members area at the bottom right of any page on the site. Sign up quickly by using your Google or Facebook profile.

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CNTRD Meditation Teacher Training

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