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Published by Fair Winds Press & Quarto Publishing (UK)

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The Power of Guided Meditation provides an accessible and easy way to meditate— helping you reduce stress, connect with your higher self, and live more mindfully in relationship with yourself and others.

It's an illustrated book that offers guided mindfulness meditations, calming practices, and visualization exercises to help increase awareness and radiant health.

Jessica Crow's new book 'The Power of Guided Meditation' simple practices to promote wellbeing

"You already have everything you need to heal yourself and to live your life with purpose, passion, and joy.
Reconnect... again and again.
All is within."
-Jessica Crow

Jessica Crow is the author of The Power of Guided Meditation book and video course and program director of the CNTRD Meditation Teacher Training and Yoga Nidra Training

What Clients Say

"Jessica has been my yoga teacher, health and wellness coach, and overall life inspiration for over 3 years. 

She is a teacher's teacher.

 I consider her an intuitive healer as well as a practical fitness coach. She is truly a force in my life. Let her transform you too!"

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