Become a Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher

This immersive meditation teacher training course will certify you as a meditation instructor and in just 12 weeks you'll be prepared to confidently lead others in mindfulness, meditation and stress reduction techniques as a private teacher, group coach or corporate class or retreat facilitator. This training can also be taken with the sole intention to deepen and expand your own meditation practice, personal insight and toolbox of mind-body techniques.

Broaden Your Horizons

Are you a teacher, coach, therapist or healer that wants to help more people? 
This training will help you:

  • Deepen your authority as a wellness guide- meditation is being widely studied in relation to healing all kinds of ailments of the mind, body and spirit. It’s been shown to improve concentration, productivity, creativity and help relationships of all kinds. This course will help you understand and be able to communicate the scientific benefits of meditation, mindfulness and stress reduction so you can educate and inspire others on their journey. 

  • Expand your reach and help more people heal themselves by offering mind-body tools that can be integrated into any type of training or therapy to help boost positive results.  The more tools you have to share, the more likely you’ll be able to choose the ones that really work for your clients— equaling less frustration and faster rewards/ results that can help fast track them to new behaviors and deeply integrated healing.

  • Cultivate and protect your energy and gifts - as a therapist, teacher, coach or guide you expend a lot of energy and compassion helping others. Integrating a self practice of meditation and mindfulness into your daily routine can help you stay healthy and aligned with your purpose~ so that you can be of assistance without having crashes in your system, and so you can recover physically and energetically more and more quickly. Modeling self care as a lifestyle helps your clients and students believe in you and their own potential even more.


Hi, I'm Jessica.
I'll be your guide on the path to deepening your own understanding of meditation and to mastering the tools to share it with others...

  • I spent years studying in person daily with the renowned Sri Dharma Mittra, and years as a mentor in his yoga teacher trainings in NYC. 

  • I have a degree in behavioral neuroscience from SUNY that included special one on one studies in mindfulness & meditation

  • I’ve given both private lessons and corporate wellness workshops for over a decade, both live, in person, and virtual events. I’ve also taught across the US and in seven countries around the world

  • Over the past 15 years, I’ve adopted a lifestyle of self reflection and mindfulness along with self care methods like meditation, breathwork, and yoga to better manage anxiety and long-term chronic injury and pain issues, and I am determined to help others find relief through these life-giving methods

  • I’m the kind of teacher that is always learning, reading, and practicing. I am open to seeing other viewpoints and to my mind being changed. I lead with compassion and empathy

Meditation Across Time & Space

  • Around the world & throughout history: Meditation across time, cultures & religions

  • Cultivating awareness

  • Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi, Nirvana

  • Mindfulness vs meditation

  • Science of meditation- Current research, Self-referential processing & transforming limiting belief systems, proven health benefits

  • Creating a self-practice- time of day, siting fresh versus after-yoga practice, location, ambience, obstacles/distractions, using recordings, accountability partners, self discipline

Class Manual (included): This manual will guide our path through the coursework and give you example scripts for meditations you can use and adapt for future sessions, as well as links to dozens of audio guided meditations.

Required Reading: Ideally to be read before the start of the course, but can be referenced during course and completed before certificate is issued.

Journal/ Notebook: For making notes about your self-practice, live teaching feedback and reflection on required reading.

Internet Connection: A strong internet connection is essential for the live classes and feedback sessions. 

3x 30-min Live Meditation Classes Per Week (Wed, Fri, Sat) 

1x 2-hour Live Class every Two Weeks (Saturday) 

Student Teaching & Feedback Live w Instructor 

Reading, Practice & Questions from Manual 

Reading/ Reflection Assignments 

Personal Practice & Journaling 

This meditation teacher certificate is eligible for Yoga Alliance CE Credits.

Please note, there is no entity that oversees meditation teacher trainings.

When researching your training, it's important to explore the meditation teacher’s background and experience to make sure you're in-line with the topics and types of practices that they teach.