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CNTRD Yoga Nidra Training online live virtual and on demand course


Learn the therapeutic science and art of Yoga Nidra (aka Conscious Sleep) inside and out in this comprehensive online training for seekers & teachers who want to transform their own lives and help others reach new levels of healing

12 week ON DEMAND Certificate Course

with Live Virtual Mastermind Workshops 

CNTRD Wellness is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider®

The Transformative Power of Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, known as योग निद्रा in Sanskrit, originates from the term 'Yogic Sleep' or 'Psychic Sleep.' It involves achieving a particular state of consciousness through the deepest relaxation without drifting into actual sleep. This state of consciousness allows us to ride the delicate boundary between wakefulness and slumber, offering us access to a profoundly receptive state of being. Healing and rejuvenation takes place on all levels. Yoga Nidra's popularity is steadily increasing due to its effectiveness in alleviating pain and chronic stress, and anxiety and depression resulting from past trauma and the pervasive sense of discontentment often associated with the modern lifestyle. 

Jessica Crow is the lead teacher and program director for the CNTRD Yoga Nidra Training

The Mystical Science of Relaxation and Personal Resolve

Practiced regularly, Yoga Nidra allows the practitioner to access a state of relaxation that is so deep and thorough it verges on actual sleep, yet preserves a subtle awareness of surroundings. It is this divergent state of consciousness, hovering between a normal ‘awake’ state and unconscious brain states. Ideally, the brain remains situated for periods of time in a Delta wave state where the nervous system goes through a profound reset.


This training is comprehensive and immersive, including video lectures, a manual with exploration links, audio practice sessions, royalty-free scripts, and a life-long community of like-minded students


Each attendee will receive discounted private live virtual mentorship. This 1-on-1 time is dynamic and personalized. You can use this extra guidance to hone your writing and teaching skills or go further into self-exploration. While in the training you receive half off a 45-minute mentoring call or zoom.


Live virtual Mastermind workshops are held at the beginning of every month via Zoom and all current students in the CNTRD Yoga Nidra as well as CNTRD Meditation Teacher Trainings are welcome to attend for as long as they are taking the training. This is the place to ask bigger questions, practice leading and get peer feedback, discuss writing personalized sessions and creativity in guidance, and bounce ideas off like-minded students with mentor guidance

The scientific benefits of Yoga Nidra are growing everyday as more research is being conducted.

We already know that healing this protocol:

Helps heal physical ailments 

Helps manage chronic disease and its symptoms

Can significantly reduce anxiety & depression

Assists in trauma healing

Enhances creativity

Reduces stress and increases energy

Strengthens personal resolve and self development

Improves receptivity to learning new things

Becoming a Yoga Nidra guide will allow you to

Lead yoga nidra workshops, classes and private sessions for your yoga students or wellness clients

Create your own unique therapeutic sessions for specific healing purposes for yourself or others

Help spread awareness of a powerful, accessible tool that treats anxiety, depression, trauma and more

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Program includes:

On Demand Content (intro, history, philosophy, scientific research/ proven benefits, preparation and atmosphere, creating and writing traditional session variations, adding your own creativity to fine-tune the healing experience, and more)

40 page PDF manual with Live Exploration Links and recommended reading assignments from 'Yoga Nidra' by Saraswati)

Live Online Mastermind Workshops that take place monthly


Selection of recordings for self-practice and study ranging from traditional to anatomy nidra to seated and kids sessions to creative therapeutics


12 complete royalty-free Yoga Nidra scripts for guiding others and inspiring your own unique sessions

Discounted 1-on-1 Private Mentorship sessions and personalized email support

30 hours of continuing education through Yoga Alliance

Growing community for questions, reflection, deeper self inquiry, practice & feedback through private online group


"Jessica is an incredible force. Working with her is a life-changing experience. Find her, love her, and learn." - JC Vasquez

This Course is Made for Your Schedule...

The CNTRD Yoga Nidra Training is a virtual  training for seekers, teachers, therapists and coaches who want to add Yoga Nidra sessions to their repertoire, as well as anyone who wants to take their self care to the next level!

Move through the program at your own pace— You'll have 12 weeks of access to all of the online content and mastermind sessions and your 1-on-1 mentorship session discount is open to you until you earn your certificate of completion. You'll have access to your PDF manual with Live Links and audio practices forever.

This course is worth 30 hours of continuing education through Yoga Alliance

CNTRD Wellness is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider®


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"Jessica Crow is knowledgeable and has many years of teaching experience. Teaching is not just a job for her, but a passion. She will be able to guide you with kindness and expertise."- Private Yoga Student

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Your Instructor


I'm a wellness instructor with 20+ years experience living and teaching Mindfulness, Yoga, Guided Meditation, Breathwork, and Massage Therapy.

I've been lucky enough to travel the world to lead others in meditation and mindfulness practices and have studied techniques and theories from diverse lineages and cultures. I earned a degree from The State University of New York in Human Biology & Behavioral Neuroscience and since have led hundreds of private and public mindfulness classes. and have studied intensively with and helped train hundreds of instructors in teacher trainings with renowned experts like Dharma Yoga’s Sri Dharma Mittra.


My book, “The Power of Guided Meditation: Simple Practices to Promote Wellbeing” was published by Fair Winds Press in April 2021.

Author and Meditation Teacher Jessica Crow with her Book The Power of Guided Meditation

My mission is to:

Empower the next generation of wellness leaders.

Demystify the journey to make meditation practices accessible and approachable for all.

Do my small part to help heal the world through these life-giving methods.

“There beneath all the thinking and doing, you are at peace. You ARE peace. YOU are the peace you’ve been looking for all along.” -Tamara Verma

  • Who is the program for?
    Our training programs are open to all who want to deepen their personal meditation or yoga nidra practice, understand where it comes from and how it works, and learn to use it to benefit their own and others' health. Beginners to meditation and yoga nidra and experienced wellness practitioners are welcome and there are no prerequisites besides an open mind and a willingness to learn and keep a consistent personal practice.
  • Does this course provide Continuing Education credits?
    Successful completion of this the 100-hour Meditation Teacher Training awards a certificate which can be used for 100 hours, and completion of the Yoga Nidra Training awards a certificate that can be used for 30 hours of continuing education (for yoga teachers via Yoga Alliance) Your instructor Jessica Crow is a certified Experienced Yoga Teacher (ERYT-500) and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP).
  • Do you offer payment plans or discounts?
    Please use the option for Affirm or Afterpay to create a payment schedule. Limited Partial Scholarships are available throughout the year. If you'd like to apply for a scholarship or you're interested in sponsoring a Teacher Trainee through financial scholarship, please reach out to Jessica via the website chat button.
  • Can I complete this course while working full-time?
    Everyone’s circumstances are different, but I designed this course for working professionals. Your On Demand lessons are always available in your Meditation Teacher Training or Yoga Nidra Training Online Course. You also have access to your audio meditations, PDF manuals, video links and scripts (if included in your training) and private student group. You can move through the materials at your own pace and make sure you absorb and integrate all of the info as you receive the benefits of your own increasing Meditation or Yoga Nidra home practice. Use your 1-on-1 mentorship hours at any point during your training (before receiving your certificate).
  • Is my certificate guaranteed?
    Integrity is highly valued at CNTRD Wellness. While I will do everything in my power to support your journey and help you earn your certificate, it is up to you to do the work by completing the readings, the home practices, the writing and practice of scripts (if taking a teaching path), and attending as many live classes as possible. We hold high standards for our trainees and want to be proud of what they take out into the world and share with others.
  • How do I register?
    Click any Get Started Button and you'll be taken to the online course plan page. You'll be prompted to become a Site Member so that you can easily access your program wherever you left off. You can begin the course on the Training's start date and access all course materials from within your course itself!
  • Why now?
    There is no time like the present! The world needs meditation and mindfulness more than ever, as a global mental health crisis is worsening. Being able to share these tools can make a serious impact on wellbeing, health and happiness in individuals, societies and the global realm.

What Clients Say

"Jessica has been my yoga teacher, health and wellness coach, and overall life inspiration for over 3 years. 

She is a teacher's teacher.

 I consider her an intuitive healer as well as a practical fitness coach. She is truly a force in my life. Let her transform you too!"

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