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Guided Meditations

Jessica Crow meditating, with ocean waves and sunrise in the background

There are 3 ways to listen to my guided meditations to rediscover the power of the present moment.
Download to your device, listen on the app, or listen via podcast.


Download Free or Premium

audio meditations below 

and practice on your own time, anywhere.

Headphones recommended.


Click Here
and get the 'Haven Visualization', 'Wake Up: Balance' and 'Cloud Nidra Deep Relaxation' meditations sent directly to your inbox.

Dive deeper.

Gross and Subtle Anatomy Yoga Nidra practices will take you to another level of deep healing relaxation— while you review your physical and energetic anatomy. The Sound Journey with guest artist Ben Brown will help you to let go of stress and elevate your experience of compassion, for yourself and all of life around you.

A Sound Journey and Guided Meditation to explore & expand our sense of compassion

This guided meditation and sound journey will help you relax deeply and explore the depths of your own heart as well as the connection between all that is. It's designed to be therapeutic, healing and inspirational, and is meant to be experienced with headphones, preferably lying down in a quiet and comfortable place.

100% of your donation for this track will be donated to a current humanitarian relief/ rescue effort. Contact me for more info or to suggest a cause.

Donate any amount starting at $5 USD

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