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"Jessica is an incredible force. Working with her is a life changing experience. Find her, love her and learn."

About the Founder


Jessica Crow is a yoga and meditation instructor and wellness practitioner based in NYC. She uses her 20 years of experience working in the healing arts as well as her personal & professional studies in science and philosophy to construct unique and effective healing protocols that focus on shaping and redefining the whole being.

She has instructed students and helped train yoga teachers in NYC (with Sri Dharma Mittra of Dharma Yoga) and around the world- not only in the physical practice of yoga, but also focusing on the practice of compassion, intuition, and deep meditation.


Jessica’s teaching style is compassionate yet challenging, and is strongly rooted in developing awareness (both mental and physical), breath control, and personal insight.

Using techniques from the ancient science of yoga and meditation, modern-day Western medicine and evidence-based psychology and neuroscience, she assists her students in the pursuit of personal health, empowerment and transformation.

Jessica also holds a degree in human biology with a focus in behavioral neuroscience from the State University of New York, and has completed numerous yoga and meditation teacher trainings.


She is the author and instructor of three professional continuing education courses and a book on guided meditation, to be published in the Spring of 2021.

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