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In this course you'll learn about lifestyle, postural, and overuse injury considerations specific to 6 main categories of professional musicians: vocals, piano and keyboard, drums and percussion, guitar, strings, and horns. Most injuries in the music world result from a combination of overuse, poor body awareness, and lack of self-care. Massage therapists are soft tissue and body alignment experts- so they can obviously help alleviate pain and facilitate healing in muscles, tendons and joints. But they can also help to educate their musician clients about finding a healthy posture for their particular instrument, teach them stretches and exercises specific to their function, and even encourage them to adopt a higher degree of self-care in their professional lives to prevent downtime and extend their careers (including regular massage, meditation, exercise, relaxation techniques, and more). Included: Course Workbook & Hands-on massage technique videos as a bonus tool This course is worth 5 CEUs for massage therapists (NCBTMB/NYS) *HEADS-UP If you're not already a Site Member, you'll be prompted to become one before you can purchase this course. This allows you to access your course content at anytime and keep track of your programs & purchases just by logging in to your members area at the bottom right of any page on the site. Sign up quickly by using your Google or Facebook profile.

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