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This course introduces caregivers, therapists, educators and trainers of all kinds to the world of meditation and mindfulness. We’ll review techniques from guided meditation, breathwork, and self awareness practices based in psychology, yoga, Buddhism, sports medicine and beyond. We’ll learn about the history of meditation and its current role in mind-body medicine, healthcare and medical research, how to create their own practice and use it to enhance client sessions, how to use mindfulness to have more authentic communication with clients, and finally how to guide a client in a short relaxation meditation as part of a therapeutic session. Included: Course Workbook This course is worth 5 CEUs for massage therapists and yoga instructors (NCBTMB & YOGA ALLIANCE) *HEADS-UP If you're not already a Site Member, you'll be prompted to become one before you can purchase this course. This allows you to access your course content at anytime and keep track of your programs & purchases just by logging in to your members area at the bottom right of any page on the site. Sign up quickly by using your Google or Facebook profile.


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