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60-min Lunchtime Workshop

Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga can actively shift the creative output of the brain on both behavioral and physiological levels. CNTRD virtual workshops & classes are built around evidence-based practices with proven benefits like:

  • Less mental distraction

  • Better attentive focus

  • More self-regulation

  • Increased physical energy

  • Improved communication

  • Immune system boost

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  • CNTRD Meditation

    Every month
    CNTRD Meditation®, Mindfulness & Stress Reduction
    • 2 CNTRD Meditation® Classes /wk Wed & Fri 11:30am ET
    • Live on Zoom, Led by Jessica
  • Best Value

    CNTRD Wellbeing

    Every month
    CNTRD Meditation® Classes + Premium Video Course
     7 day free trial
    • 2 CNTRD Meditation® Classes /wk Wed & Fri 11:30am ET
    • 'Taking Control of Tech Neck' Video Course On-Demand
    • Classes Live on Zoom, Led by Jessica
  • Special CNTRD GOLD

    Special Offer Plan
    Valid for one month
    • 2 CNTRD Meditation® Classes /wk Wed & Fri 11:30am ET
    • *Classes re-start in mid-June: TBA* Stay Tuned In ~*~

What Can Meditation Do for You?

Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga can help restructure the brain and drastically transform your physical & mental health. CNTRD Wellness has virtual offerings built around evidence-based practices with proven benefits like:

  • Clear mental focus

  • Better attention regulation & self control

  • Increased physical energy

  • More rejuvenating sleep

  • Enhanced resilience

  • More mindful communication

  • Strengthened Immune system

  • Greater self confidence

"Mindfulness is about bringing our attention back to the present. It’s a practice of regaining control over our attention so we can act with intelligent and intentional planning rather than react out of emotion. We can learn proven methods that make us aware of our thought patterns and help us to determine which are beneficial and which are obstacles for our highest cognitive functioning. Then we get to choose to do something about it"

- Jessica Crow, Founder CNTRD Wellness


The Power of Guided Meditation:
Simple Practices to Promote Wellbeing

will be published by Fair Winds Press in February 2021


It provides an accessible and easy way to meditate— helping you reduce stress, connect with your higher self, and live more mindfully in relationship with yourself and others.

It's an illustrated book that offers guided mindfulness meditations, calming practices, and visualization exercises to help increase awareness and radiant health.


Get the book first when you pre-order here:

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We live in an unpredictable world.

You know that now, more than ever, accessible meditation and mindfulness can help you develop your resilience, emotional intelligence, peace of mind, and wellbeing—

no matter where life takes you.

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CNTRD Wellness offers expertly curated learning content to support you every step of the way— whether you’re just starting out, are curious about deepening your practice, or feel inspired to share the power of meditation with others as an instructor.

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