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Meditation as a Path to Inner Peace and Global Harmony

Buddha meditating in compassion

December is Universal Human Rights Month, a time when we reflect on the fundamental rights and freedoms that belong to every individual across the globe. In the midst of advocating for justice and equality, it's worth exploring the very real connection between meditation practice and the principles of universal human rights.

Meditation and mindfulness practices help individuals connect with their inner selves. They prime us for self-reflection, where we can discover a deeper understanding of the thoughts and emotions that we have on repeat, and perhaps realize— even if momentarily— that all humans have the same wants, fears, and needs as we do. Our meditation practice aligns us with the very essence of universal human rights – the interconnectedness we have with the rest of the world and recognition of the inherent dignity and worth of every person.

Decades of scientific research shows that meditation strengthens areas of the brain that govern compassion, empathy, and more mindful and moral decision-making. By cultivating these qualities within ourselves, we become more attuned to the shared human experience and the struggles faced by others. This heightened awareness serves as a catalyst for social change, motivating us to stand up for the rights and well-being of our fellow human beings.

We also know that meditation acts as a powerful tool for stress reduction and emotional regulation, contributing to the creation of a society where individuals are better equipped to navigate challenges with a calm and composed demeanor. This mental resilience is essential in the face of adversity, which we all face to some extent.

The effects of a consistent meditation practice can help us transcend cultural and geographical boundaries and remind us that at our core we share a common humanity. The constant recognition of this fact is foundational to the pursuit of universal human rights. CNTRD Wellness strives to help more people access this type of insight, in hopes of the world finding more peace and unification.

Meditation can foster world peace

As we commemorate Universal Human Rights Month, let us acknowledge the role of meditation in fostering true empathy that crosses all borders. Let’s remember that by embracing the principles of compassion and oneness and incorporating meditation into our routines, we can contribute to the collective journey towards a more harmonious world.

Please join us in meditation. We host a free, live online class on Sundays at 10am ET where you can explore a guided practice with like-minded people from all around the globe.


Jessica Crow helps people harness the power of meditation and mindfulness to change their lives and the lives of others for the better through practical classes and courses for the everyday practitioner, teacher trainings, and personalized mentorship.

Founder of CNTRD Meditation and CNTRD Wellness, meditation teacher Jessica Crow

Check out her book 'The Power of Guided Meditation', published by Fair Winds Press and her New On Demand Course 'The Power of Guided Meditation' or anyone who wants to harness the power of meditation in their own lives.

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