Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga can actively shift the creative output of the brain on both behavioral and physiological levels. CNTRD virtual workshops & classes are built around evidence-based practices with proven benefits like:

  • Less mental distraction

  • Better attentive focus

  • More self-regulation

  • Increased physical energy

  • Improved communication

  • Immune system boost

We've learned that even though it may take different shapes, forms and practices- mindfulness is an essential factor when creating a balanced, healthy and successful work culture or lifestyle. That's why every class and workshop we offer has mindfulness at its foundation.

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Some of our clients

"Mindfulness is about bringing our attention back to the present. It’s a practice of regaining control over our attention so we can act with intelligent and intentional planning rather than react out of emotion. We can learn proven methods that make us aware of our thought patterns and help us to determine which are beneficial and which are obstacles for our highest cognitive functioning. Then we get to choose to do something about it"

- Jessica Crow, Founder CNTRD Wellness

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