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Meditation for Every Mind 

Virtual and On Demand meditation & mindfulness training for seekers and teachers across the globe

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Meditations to Unravel Old Patterns and Reshape Your Brain

DailyOM Course by Jessica Crow on rewiring your brain with meditation
Jessica Crow of CNTRD Wellness and CNTRD Online Meditation Teacher Trainings

Hi, I'm Jessica

I’m a mind-body expert with 20+ years of experience helping individuals and organizations around the world nurture their wellbeing using meditation, stress-reduction and mindfulness practices. Whether you’re looking to find personal empowerment, better health, or you're called to share these tools with others, CNTRD Wellness can help.

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Meditation Teacher Training: Live online & on demand 100-hour CNTRD Meditation Teacher training program

Guided Audio Meditations: Stress reduction, mindfulness meditation, guided relaxation & physical healing and more

On Demand Continuing Education Courses: for therapists, teachers, coaches and more

Guided Meditation Scripts: 50 Essential Meditation Scripts for use in live classes and recordings 

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