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The Ultimate Guide to Online Meditation Resources

young woman meditating with headphones on outside in the Summer

Are you feeling it too? Finding time to unwind and center ourselves seems harder (yet more crucial) than ever. A simple guided meditation practice offers a powerful way to source inner peace, reduce everyday stress, and improve overall wellbeing (physical health, happiness, energy). Thankfully there’s an abundance of online meditation resources available and integrating meditation into your daily routine has never been easier.

Here’s your ultimate guide to the best online meditation offerings that cater to all levels, from beginners to seasoned practitioners, including some of my own favorite tools and classes.

Meditation Apps

a. Headspace:

  • Features: Guided meditations, mindfulness courses, sleep aids, and themed sessions.

  • Best For: Beginners and those looking for structured programs.

  • Price: Free trial, then $12.99/month or $69.99/year

  • Visit:

b. Calm:

  • Features: Guided sessions, sleep stories, breathing exercises, and relaxing music.

  • Best For: Stress relief and improving sleep.

  • Price: Free limited content, then $14.99/month or $69.99/year

  • Visit:

c. Insight Timer:

  • Features: A vast library of free meditations, music tracks, and talks by renowned teachers.

  • Best For: Variety and community engagement.

  • Price: Free with optional in-app purchases for courses.

  • My Meditations: Check out my guided meditations on Insight Timer for a variety of guided techniques (meditation, visualization, breathing practices and more) designed to help you find peace and balance. Sign up for my Free Weekly live classes too!

  • Visit:

YouTube Channels

The Honest Guys:

Michael Sealey:

Great Meditation:

CNTRD Meditation (My Channel):

  • Features: Guided meditations that use mindfulness, yogic meditations, psychology and sports medicine, and breathing techniques to increase mental and physical wellbeing; Guided tutorials on meditation positions, and simple stretches to assist your practice

  • Best For: Beginners to Continued Learning (Advanced/ Teachers)

  • Price: Free

  • Visit:

Online Courses and Programs

10% Happier:

  • Features: Meditation courses, guided meditations, and talks by meditation teachers

  • Best For: Practical approaches to meditation and mindfulness

  • Price: Free trial, then $99.99/year

  • Visit:


  • Features: Courses on mindfulness

  • Best For: Academic and structured learning

  • Price: Free with options for paid certifications

  • Visit:

CNTRD Meditation (My Programs):

  • Features: In-depth, interdisciplinary meditation training programs designed to suit all levels, for personal practice seekers and for meditation teachers

  • Best For: Those looking for personalized guidance/ mentorship, online comprehensive curriculum and to be part of a growing community

  • Price: Varies per program and scholarships are available

  • Visit:


The Daily Meditation Podcast:


Mindscaping (My Podcast):

  • Features: Weekly episodes that include guided meditations, expert interviews, and tips on integrating mindfulness into daily life

  • Best For: Regular meditation practice and in-depth mindfulness insights

  • Price: Free

  • Visit: Subscribe on your favorite podcast platform here

5. Websites and Blogs

  • Features: Articles, guided meditations, and tips for mindful living.

  • Best For: Comprehensive mindfulness resources.

  • Price: Free

  • Visit:

b. The Chopra Center:

  • Features: Articles, meditation guides, and wellness resources.

  • Best For: Holistic health and meditation practices.

  • Price: Free and premium content

  • Visit:

c. Lion's Roar:

  • Features: Articles on Buddhism, meditation, and mindfulness.

  • Best For: Those interested in the spiritual aspects of meditation.

  • Price: Free with subscription options for additional content.

  • Visit:

d. CNTRD Meditation Blog:

  • Features: Regular posts on meditation techniques, mindfulness tips, and personal insights.

  • Best For: Ongoing support and inspiration for your meditation journey.

  • Price: Free. 

  • Visit: You’re already here! Subscribe to get new posts emailed to you first.

Community and Social Media

 Instagram & TikTok

  • Accounts: Follow influencers and teachers like @headspace, @calm, and @cntrd_meditation

  • Best For: Daily inspiration and meditation tips to break up your scrolling habits and give you quick resets and insights

  • Price: Free (but shares, comments and likes are appreciated!)

  • Visit: Instagram ~ CNTRD, Headspace, Calm; TikTok ~ CNTRD, Calm

And…  if you’re a wanderer and often lose your wifi, you can also get a free download of a few of my guided meditations here, and keep them on your device to use anytime.

Millennial woman meditating on the beach sitting in full lotus
Take brief moments to meditate outside this Summer and reconnect to nature

So, meditation doesn’t need to be so elusive after all. Follow a few, notice what resonates with you, and then add a couple of time slots into your calendar to remind you to go practice a bit.

With all of these online meditation resources at your fingertips, finding the right tools and teachers to support your meditation journey has never been easier. I challenge you to take 3 minutes to start exploring these today, and follow or subscribe.

By incorporating these resources into your daily routine, you can cultivate a sense of peace and balance amidst the chaos. If you want to learn more about any of my resources at CNTRD, just reach out and I’m happy to guide you towards a meditation path that fits into your unique life!


Jessica Crow, founder of CNTRD Wellness and Meditation, recording an audio guided meditation

Jessica Crow is the founder of

CNTRD Wellness and CNTRD Meditation.

She helps people harness the power of meditation and mindfulness to change their lives and the lives of others through practical classes and courses for the everyday practitioner and budding meditation teachers.

Follow her on Insight Timer to listen to free guided meditations and attend free classes. Interested in a deeper training? The CNTRD Meditation Teacher Training Fall Cohort Begins Sept. 15th! Choose the Teaching Path or the Personal Study path and learn tools that will help change your life for the better.

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