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3 Reasons Your WFH Team Needs Virtual Wellness

Updated: May 13, 2023

Virtual wellness has become vital for many work-from-home employees. Mindfulness meditation, stress reduction techniques, and yoga classes help renew and fortify your distributed/ WFH team by reducing anxiety, creating more attentive focus, improving communication within teams, and boosting both physical and mental health and wellbeing.

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1- Maintains a sense of community while improving interoffice communication skills.

When your office re-opens it will probably be in phases, with some workers continuing to work from home and others coming into an office with social distancing policies, physical barriers to separate workspaces, and less in-person meetings. In-office wellness programs won’t look the same for a while, but virtual wellness classes can help by maintaining a regular meeting place for staff to practice self-care together no matter where they’re logging in from. Mindful meditation and movement awakens self confidence and helps us stay organized and on-task- especially when self-directing our work. Mindfulness has powerful implications for improving interpersonal communication skills- something that is very much needed in the new paradigm of distanced-management.

2- Relieves feelings and physical effects of anxiety, stress, and depression.

When the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight mode) is in a constant state of arousal because of stressful circumstances, things like insomnia, headaches, lack of concentration or mental cloudiness, stomach or chest pain, irritability and impatience, chronic pain, anxiety and depression and much more, begin to occur regularly. Excess stress hormones continue to circulate in the body causing an increase in inflammation as well a weakened immune system.

Meditation, yoga, breathing exercises and other deep relaxation techniques help restore balance in the body by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest mode), allowing feel-good, calming neurohormones to be released and increasing efficiency in the respiratory, cardiovascular and immune systems almost immediately. Learning these tools can make us more adaptive and resilient to the unknown stressors of the future.

3- Boosts attentive focus and creativity for a more productive team.

Besides myriad physical and mental health benefits and improvements in employee happiness and retention, companies that regularly practice mindfulness find increases in the quality of their team’s focus, creativity and innovation on a daily basis. Learning and using mindfulness techniques can help to streamline effort and energy output and can sometimes greatly boost productivity. Research shows 10-20 min a day of mindfulness meditation significantly increases focus and quality of attention on the work at hand, and that work performance and job satisfactions are improved regardless of the individual personality traits of those engaged in the meditation practices.

We can help you create a virtual wellness program or set you up with a trial class to see if virtual wellness can help improve your work culture and help staff and management meet its new challenges.

Visit and send us a message.

Jessica Crow, founder of CNTRD Wellness (previously CenteredNYC)

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