A Word on Meditation...

Your Process and Practice will be unique to you.

The feeling that you are 'good' or 'bad' at meditating should be your last concern. Sometimes a meditation practice feels hard, sometimes it feels fluid and simple.

The one thing we can all get better at is the consistency of our practice and the self-compassion given to our process.


Many people, including successful business people, celebrities, stay at home parents and entrepreneurs, use meditation techniques on a daily basis to enhance performance and concentration, find restful mind states and improve relationships, increase immunity and boost physical health, and enhance their creative expression and intuition.

You can also begin to transform your inner and outer world by developing a meditation practice that fits your daily routine and personal goals.

Download sample meditations below and practice on your own time, anywhere. Headphones recommended.
 Then check out my new book 'The Power of Guided Meditation' where I introduce meditation to the reader through mindfulness, breathing, and guided visualization.
Ready to dive in deeper and find a consistent practice that works for you? Reach out to schedule a personal coaching session with me.

The Haven Visualization Meditation will help you relax and reconnect so you can find peace, contentment, and inspiration while releasing stress and anxiety from the body and mind.

The Wake Up to Balance Meditation is made to be listened to just upon awakening in the morning when the 'browser' of the mind is still clear and fresh. It will help you enter your day with the presence of mind and serenity to overcome obstacles.

The Cloud Nidra- Deep Relaxation Meditation is a long, guided visualization journey for ultimate relaxation, inner exploration, and healing and revising subconscious patterns.


Download any or all of these tracks as my gift to you, here:


The longer, guided meditations offered below will help you to let go of physical sensations and discomforts and drop into a deep state of relaxation, resetting your nervous system and stimulating healing and balance throughout the body, mind and spirit. 


These premium downloads are available at a choose-your-own price, starting from $5.

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