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Free Meditation Downloads

Here are 3 complimentary guided meditation downloads to help you come back to the present moment, de-stress, and find the power to heal yourself.

Haven Visualization Meditation 

Relax and reconnect so you can find peace, contentment, and inspiration while releasing stress and anxiety from the body and mind.

Wake Up to Balance Meditation


Listen just upon awakening in the morning when the 'browser' of the mind is still clear and fresh. This meditation will help you enter your day with presence of mind and the serenity to overcome obstacles.

Breathe- Physical Release


This simple meditation helps you to quickly let go of physical tension, stress and pain by using the power of your breath and your internal attention and guidance.

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If you enjoy these meditations you might like to peruse Jessica's entire meditation catalogue at Insight Timer— it's free.

Check out free live classes there too.

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