Win a Full Scholarship to the next CNTRD Meditation 100-hour Teacher Training!

 This certification program is given online over 12 weeks through a hybrid of Live & On Demand classes- including premium mentorship and access to lifetime community support.

Certification program begins Jan. 8, 2022

1100.00 USD Value | Contest ends Nov. 24th

Meditation teacher certification can offer massage therapists, yoga teachers, and health coaches of all kinds a doorway to more income and more career opportunities. As the effects of chronic stress and trauma increase worldwide, becoming a certified mindfulness and meditation instructor is a solid investment in one’s future and in the future of society.


Learning the skills to guide meditation and stress reduction in a virtual space can expand your ability to help more people find their inner calm while greatly increasing your income. By practicing these methods yourself you’ll also be able to hold better boundaries and protect your personal health so that you can continue to assist others wholeheartedly.

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