3 Ways Mindfulness Meditation Can Shift Your Reality

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Mindfulness meditation can help us get back in touch with our bodies, senses, and thought patterns so that we can more easily upgrade our lives in the ways we see fit.

1) It can assist us in making radical shifts in our physical health- like lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety, decreasing perceived pain, helping access deeper sleep, and finding more energy in our everyday routines.

2) It can help us to have more enjoyable relationships, to improve our emotional control, and to dampen our reactivity, urging us to think before we speak or act based on fear or stress.

3) It can also help us to re-unite with our own spirituality and purpose and reinvigorate our internal sense of direction- our life's path. It can help us tap into our creativity and our talents in a more efficient way.

Try this meditation and let me know how you feel afterward!


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