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3 Ways Mindfulness Meditation Can Shift Your Reality

Updated: May 13, 2023

woman practicing mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation can help us get back in touch with our bodies, senses, and thought patterns so that we can more easily upgrade our lives in the ways we see fit.

1) It can assist us in making radical shifts in our physical health- like lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety, decreasing perceived pain, helping access deeper sleep, and finding more energy in our everyday routines.

2) It can help us to have more enjoyable relationships, improve our emotional control, and dampen our reactivity— urging us to think before we speak or act based on fear or stress.

3) It can also help us to reunite with our own spirituality and our purpose, and reinvigorate our internal sense of direction on our life's path. We might find it easier to tap into our creativity and our talents in a more tangible way.

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Then try this meditation and let me know how you feel afterward!


Jessica Crow helps people harness the power of meditation and mindfulness to change their lives and the lives of others for the better through practical courses for the everyday practitioner, teacher trainings, and personalized mentorship.

Check out her book 'The Power of Guided Meditation', published by Fair Winds Press and her New On Demand Course 'The Power of Guided Meditation' or anyone who wants to harness the power of meditation in their own lives. Follow her on Insight Timer or Subscribe to her Podcast to listen to free guided meditations.

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