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How You Create Your Universe

I was walking around the city the other day and it seemed like no matter where I went, someone was stepping right in front of me- on the sidewalks, crossing the streets, on the subway stairs- it was like I was invisible. I noticed my mind get slightly perturbed by this and even internally react- “Get out of my Way!”, I said to myself.

And then I realized what I needed to see. I was getting in my own way. The universe can show us only that which our thoughts are consistently focused on; so on a subliminal level, something was holding me back.

All of the answers are literally right in front of us at any moment, we just need to learn to be receptive- sometimes on a very subtle level- to the cues in our environment.

Sensory perception works in a way that firstly- benefits our physical survival, and secondly- gives encouragement and information crucial to our evolution as a human being. We cannot possibly take in information from every stimulus in the environment, and so deep inside our minds, choices are being made as to what to filter out, and what is essential to our development and Self-Realization.

Therefore, everything we hear, see, touch, taste, smell, or intuit is of significance to our individual path. Because nothing truly exists outside of our minds (ie, nothing is completely ‘independent’ of us), what we deem as our external environment is really a result of ‘You’ trying to show yourself something new or remind yourself of some unchanging truth. There are lots of tempting distractions, but we are here to realize this all-pervading unity through the play of life so that we feel more and more whole and become stuffed with Bliss- returning to our true, universal nature once again.

Be Receptive.

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